New Koenigsegg Agera; there will be only 3 models

The variations of the Koenigsegg RS keep on rolling in, the most recent being the new Agera RSR. This constrained release model was propelled at an occasion held by the Swedish automaker in Tokyo, Japan. Why there? The three Agera RSR models will be made solely for Japan.

Koenigsegg Agera
The auto itself is clearly in light of the Agera RS, however incorporates a couple of adjustments that permit it to emerge from the pack. In the back is a dynamic back spoiler, instead of a more customary one, like the one found on the One:1. Another new element that is obtained from the One:1 is the air consumption scoop on the rooftop.

The Agera RSR models were among the main Agera RS models when reported. Koenigsegg notes in their blog entry that the arrangements made for the RSR models were made accessible to alternate RS models.Koenigsegg agera

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