Mercedes Mayback G650 Landualet Unveiled

This is the Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet, a definitive articulation of the G-Class and the exceptionally same auto the organization prodded early toward the beginning of today.
Mercedes Maybach G650 Landaulet
Evidently Mercedes needed to astound everybody with the Maybach-prepared G650 Landaulet in Geneva yet unmistakably somebody couldn't keep a mystery. The new Mercedes-Maybach G650 brings back the Landaulet moniker which is saved for ultra-extravagance vehicles with delicate tops over the back travelers' heads.
Mercedes Maybach 6650 Laundaulet
The G650 Landaulet depends on the lifted frame of the G500 4x4 Squared yet rather than the biturbo V8 found there, it utilizes the organization's V12 motor, purportedly tuned for 630hp. The other distinction is that the wheelbase is currently broadened, along these lines making more space for the advantaged travelers at the back.

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