Mercedes AMG GT Four Door Concept

Basically called the AMG GT Concept, this show auto reviews a four-entryway execution car to join the GT roadster and convertible. Be that as it may, as a mechanical feature, it's a great deal more amazing than basically extending the games auto's wheelbase and including an additional couple of entryways.
Mercedes AMG GT Concept
Maybach may have been consigned from its own image into a model designator, yet at the same time Mercedes-AMG is changing into an execution automaker in its own particular right. It created and delivered the SLS AMG in-house, and did likewise with the AMG GT. What's more, now it's uncovered its third at the Geneva Motor Show.
Mercedes AMG GT Four GT Concept
Bearing the new EQ Power+ assignment presented on the W08 F1 auto, the AMG GT Concept consolidates an execution cross breed powertrain pressing one hell of a punch. It's worked around the same 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 as the current two-entryway demonstrate, yet adds an electric engine to convey more than 800 strength.

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