Cars in India with Great Resale Value

If you are a car freak who loves to buy new cars but is worried about the resale value of old cars and this one is surely for you. Here we tell you about some cars who have wonderful resale value. So check this list if you happen to change your car often.

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

The Maruti Suzuki Alto 800, alongside its sibling the Alto K10, is responsible for about 20,000 units per month. Due to this its used cars have great resale value. They try to stay close to their new car ex showroom price, even after a year or three. A must consider if you tend to change cars often.

Maruti Suzuki Swift (Diesel)

Here comes another by Maruti, the Maruti Suzuki Swift(Diesel). Although the rattles and increased engine noises are a little drawbacks, but despite of this the car continues to perform well with almost same average fuel economy as it did when new. The engine remains largely the same. So if you are planning to buy it, the you will have a car that not only offers a decent balance of fun behind the wheel and frugality but also fails to depreciate.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire (Diesel)

Based on the Swift, the Swift Dzire comes with the same pros and cons, apart from being slightly more practical if you travel with substantial luggage. The previous generation car had a larger boot, while the new confirms to the sub 4-metre rule and makes do with a smaller one. Despite of this it still holds a huge resale value.

Mahindra Bolero


Bolero is among those cars who which are considered to be the best investment in the car world.  It’s a hit in rural areas because of its ability to scale bad roads, but it’s not the quintessential off-roader in the line-up. Bolero is still very successful in the UV segment and one must never forget that unlike classics or exotics, the used prices will always be less than what you have paid for it when new.

Honda City

Despite of being the one running on petrol, when the market is increasingly turning towards diesel based cars, this car has never lost its market. Ideally the logic says that then the petrol based cars will not be as valuable in used car market as the diesels one. But this is not true and the logic loses here. This Honda City petrol continues to earn the same interest and money.. The original Honda City VTEC continues to be enthusiasts’ choice, keeping in mind that it is 15 years old.

Toyota Innova Crysta

Since Innova is always known for its longevity, this adds to its huge resale value.
The ability to retain its value even after completing lakhs of kilometres is what the Innova is good at.
If you are planning to buy Toyota Innova Crysta then buy it, maintain it well and be amused at its resale value. 

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