Tesla Model S Price in India, Launch Date, Specifications

German luxury tuning company Brabus has taken a crack at customising and tuning the Tesla Model S.  The model S gets aesthetic improvement , which in turn improve the overall performance statistics of model S. These improvements include new 21 inch black alloy wheels, a rear carbon fibre diffuser, redesign intakes, which enhance airflow, rear spoiler and all new front splitter.

Tesla Model S Price 

It is expected that the price for Tesla Model S will be around Rs 35 lakhs. 

Tesla Model S Specifications 

Specific details regarding its fuel economy have not been released yet. But, with an electric motor, the car is expected to deliver a sound fuel yield.

Tesla Model S Power

The vehicle's plant operates with a power of 259hp for the front, and 503hp for the rear. Till, its torque stands at a pounding 967Nm. These are attractive figures considering that this vehicle is among the first to run completely on electric power.

Tesla Model S Acceleration

Coming to its performance specs, the vehicle can spurt from naught to 60mph in a mere 3.1 seconds, placing it on the same platform as models of Ferrari and other super cars. Till, it can race to a top speed of 305mph.

Tesla Model S Exterior

Besides its energy efficient technology, Tesla is also known for its craft and design dynamics, and this model's outfit holds up the brand's reputed stature
1.The front is lower than the rear, giving an elegant and streamlined shape that allows the right passage of air, while driving.
2. Going into specifics of its exterior styling, the car wears an oval grille at the front that is twice in an eye catching manner.
3.The marque of this company has been embellished at the front of its grille.
4.The look of the front is complete with a wide air  section at the bottom, which prevents overheating of this engine.
5.They has been drawn with smooth lines that improve the visual quality of the front. By the side, the 19 inch aluminum alloy rims draw further attention through the pronounced wheel arches.
6.The front windows are made with a frame-less design, and they have tempered safety glass, while the rear window is present with a defroster.
7.The exterior mirrors come with power folding, heating and memory facilities, together improving utility and ease of functioning for the driver.
8.The rear of the vehicle  in its build, giving a more balanced and harmonious overall picture.
9. A chrome accent is furnished by the center  for a more exclusive and dynamic look.
10.The slim rear lights have been inbuilt with LED lights, and a high mounted LED stop lamp is also present for enhanced safety.

Tesla Model S Exterior Measurements

The vehicle's exterior dimensions reflect a state of sound structural harmony, helping to strengthen its performance and durability on the road. It has a length of 196-inches and a width of 86.2-inches. With a wheelbase of 116.5-inches, it brings a generous area for the cabin. The front track stretches to 65.4-inches, while the rear track comes to 66.9-inches.
1.The cabin will be furbished with many exclusive design delights, ensuring that the ambiance is luxuriant.
2.In addition to this, the company's precise modeling enables ample space for all of the occupants despite the constricted space, relieving the feel of being seated in a vehicle.
3.The design of its front panel will bear a futuristic look, and attractive elements of wood are also laid out for a more modern touch.
4. The three spoke multifunction steering wheel will come mounted with tactile controls, blending form with function.
5.The instrument panel has a clever design, and the presence of the 17 inch touchscreen further enhances it.
6.Hand wrapped microfiber and synthetic leather surfaces will be present in black, escalating the plush quality of the drive.
7.The interior door handles are to be made of metal, highlighting the luxury oriented vision that the brand employs.

Tesla Model S Interior Measurements

In terms of headroom, the measurement for the front is 38.8-inches, while the same for the rear row is 35.3 inches. Sufficient leg room is also provided, with 42.7-inches at the front and 35.4-inches behind. 57.7-inches shoulder room for front, and 55 inches at the rear enables worry free placement for tall, lanky and broad shouldered men. The total cargo volume of this vehicle comes to 31.6 cubic feet, while the front cargo has the capacity to hold 26.3 cubic feet respectively.

Tesla Model S Engine and Performance

The vehicle will be powered by an electric engine, among the first of its kind. It makes for zero attention , and yet secures strong performance at the same time. The liquid cool drive-train will be wired together with batteries, motors and drive inverters for flawless functioning. A 70 kWh/85 kWh microprocessor controlled, lithium-ion battery will transmit energy to the machine. This will be further supported by a three phase, four pole AC induction motor that comes along with a copper rotor.

Tesla Model S Handling & Safety

A forward looking camera is present, together with a radar and 360 degree sonar sensors. A blind spot warning, a lane departure warning, an automatic emergency braking facility and a speed limit display bring passive safety to the machine. Seat sensors for the front row occupants add an element of futuristic safety. The cabin has also been suffused with cushioning through eight airbags that aim to shield the head, the knee, the pelvis and all other critical body areas. Three point driver and front passenger seatbelts are also present and secondary lap anchor and load limiters for the surest protection. 

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