Fiat Punto Pure Accessories and Spare Parts list with Prices

Check out the Accessories and Spare Parts Available for Fiat Punto Pure at all Fiat Dealerships across the country.

Fiat Punto Pure

Car accessories are of different types and are classified as
  1. Car Care Products
  2. Infotainment Products
  3. Exterior Products
  4. Interior Products
  5. Safety and Security Products
Some of the popular accessories which are always in demand
  • Car Air Filter
  • Oil Filter 
  • Fuel Filter
  • Brake Disc Pad
List of all Fiat Punto Pure accessories with their corresponding prices. Also Note that these price may vary in various places.
Accessory Prices
Alloy Wheel Rs. 10198
Cap Red Black261 Rs. 308
Chrome Strip Boot Lid Rs. 199
Coat Hanger Rs. 712
Door Moulding Rs. 355
Door Visor Rs. 1535
GPS Navigation Unit Pad5 Rs. 19990
Key Ring Rs. 1844
Lapel Pin Red Rs. 155
Mouse Pad Rs. 104
Mug White Rs. 278
Neck Rest Beige Rs. 504
Polo white Black Rs. 719
Reading Lamp Rs. 1329
Rear Spoiler Rs. 4109
Reverse Parking Sensor Rs. 4017
Rubber Carpet Mat Rs. 1329
Steering Cover Beg Rs. 361
Sun Film Premium Rs. 8188
Tissue Box Cover - 100 Pulls Rs. 81
Wall Clock Rs. 784

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