Harley Davidson Vakhtra by Radical Custom

Harley-Davidson frequently makes the ideal palette for one's creative ability run wild with regards to custom motorcycles. Once in a while a moderate approach can likewise make the cruiser emerge from the ocean of conventional ones. That is precisely the subject of 'Vakhtra', a custom bike from Radical Custom.

Vakhtra Radical Customs

It initially began as a 2014 Harley-Davidson Fat Bob and the goal was to make a mean, moderate urban brawler without disturbing the bicycle's stock qualifications. Discovering custom parts for this specific bike was a test, and the blokes at Radical Custom willingly volunteered understand their fantasy. Manufacture was the best way to go.

Vakhtra Radical Custom

They seized a workman/fabricator companion and hours of diligent work resulted. They needed to ensure that the occupation is as financially savvy as could reasonably be expected. In this manner they utilized stock parts wherever conceivable. The back bumper was cleaved, and the markers were moved. At that point they moved the number plate to the side. At that point came the single seat, exemplary crash protect, and single unit front light from the Fatboy.

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