• Road tax in Chandigarh to be 50% of Vehicle cost from 2018

    To discourage the localites in Chandigarh from purchasing more cars, specialists have proposed to execute stringent measures. More vehicles request all the more parking spot and keeping in mind that there is shortage of place to encourage stopping of new vehicles, another approach is in progress that is set to build costs of the new cars in Chandigarh. To stop it, vehicles estimated at Rs 10 lakh or above will draw in a strong road tax, bookkeeping to 50 for every penny of the vehicle's aggregate cost.

    At present, the road tax is set at 6 for every penny of the vehicle's cost, which infers there will be a sharp increment by a little more than 8 overlap in the road tax. A comparable tax will be collected on the buy of second vehicle by a family unit and the purchasers will be required to present an endorsement of parking spot at the season of enlistment. Not only this but rather the purchasers should get an certificate of entitlement(COE) from the organization by paying an endorsed expense which will enable them to enlist and utilize vehicles inside the city for a long time. Besides, the coordinators of the occasion inside sectorial network should orchestrate carry benefit from indispensable areas to the scene.

    This stopping arrangement will be executed in the whole city excepting towns. The motivation behind the stern measure has originated from the fizzled idea in Singapore. It is essentially to control the quantity of cars sold in one quarter.

    Despite the fact that, the inhabitants in Chandigarh don't appear to be content with the draft stopping strategy chalked out by the UT organization. The vehicle organizations (counting auto and bikes) in the city are dreading a drop in the deals if the strategy is executed.

    The majority of the key highlights in the draft strategy have been said above, here are a portion of the critical ones. It likewise accentuation on presenting idea of blockage estimating and making transport administrations required for organizations having more than 50 workers. Under the approach, the organization has additionally proposed to collect working spot stopping, presentation of group stopping, all the more stopping change for outside vehicles and half refund in property tax on houses with parking spot.
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