Vins Motors Duecinquanta Competizione Price, Top Speed, Specs, Mileage

Vins Motors presents to us the best thing which we could anticipate from car industry this week. Known by the name Duecinquanta Competizione, this little track spec machine can put a 600cc racer to disgrace with its diminutive 288cc, 2-stroke, electronic fuel infused motor.

Vins Motors Duecinquanta Competizione

The motor here is a V-twin and continues everything under check with its 240 kmph top speed. How this really happens? That is all since it weighs only 85 kg and comes loaded down with carbon fiber on each conceivable piece. The little motor puts out more than 80 HP of most extreme strength and utilizations a flawlessly adjusted 6-speed gearbox.

The street lawful form named 'Duecinquanta' utilizes 249cc motor and measures more than the opposition variation. Fan would love to realize that it gets carbon fiber body, haggles parts.

Vins Motors Duecinquanta Competizione

The 2-stroke brandish bike accompanies single front plate estimating 300mm while raise gets 220mm single circle without ABS on the two closures. Wheels are lightweight and not at all like gigantic units seen on superbikes, Duecinquanta Competizione accompanies only 100mm front and 120mm back wheel.

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They have utilized 17-inch wheels for an immaculate ride stature. It accompanies a wheelbase of 1380 mm and measures only 1987 mm long.

The genuine stun comes when one gives a gander at its sticker price. Vins Motors request a cost of $60,000 (INR 38.20 lakh approx.) for the race form while standard street legitimate variation comes at $48,000 (INR 30.56 lakh approx).

These rough costs are with no street assessment or import obligation. The motorcycle looks incredible yet costs excessively when contrasted with large scale manufacturing execution forms like Ninja H2 and even H2R.

All things considered, these can return untamed execution however would not offer the eliteness that one gets in the wake of owning Vins Motors Duecinquanta Competizione in any nation of the world.

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