EIMOR Customs Black Buck - Thunderbird Modified

Royal Enfield is primarily known for its cruising capabilities and its versatile performance on roads and no-roads conditions. However, there is always some more scope for comfort and styling.

The base motorcycle used is a twin spark Thunderbird 350.  The client was from Visakhapatnam and asked them to keep this bike a futuristic one.

Being from a coastal city, this motorcycle had loads of rust and blemishes due to corrosive weather.

This motorcycle has a new TBTS Shock absorbers and Tree plates and new rear shock-absorbers. A new 17 liter fuel tank and two great looking fenders with ample side profile adds to the overall design. The front wheel is a 19 inch 110mm tyre and rear wheel is a 15 inch dia with 140mm tyre.

The idea of this motorcycle was to make a great cruiser with ample gadgets. They decided to have 4 meters/gauges and a waterproof music system too. The posture is apt for cruising along the road. The nimble handlebar is also very nice to ride inside the city.

The front visor is a product of meticulous clay moulding and fiberglass moulding post that.

The complete paint job is kept blacked out as there is a risk of rust otherwise. The motorcycle electrical are done with perfection, with under-lighting and LED eagle eyes and FOG Lights etc.

The red panel on the mate black surface just acts like an icing on the cake.

If you want your thunderbird to be look like same then you can contact EIMOR Customs through their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EIMORCustomsIND

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