Pritish Singh's KTM RC 200 Smart OLED with My Ride like Features

When we see any new technology and gadgets for the bikes we become curious about the things how they work. Today we are introducing a new gadget made by Pritish Singh for the KTM Duke. It is a bluetooth OLED Screen display which actually works with android phone. He also has made a custom android app for the same gadget.

This gadget has same features as that of KTM's My Ride offers like bluetooth connecivity, caller id and image.

Pritish Singh OLED For KTM 200

OLED Screen display can be attached to the handlebar easily and can be used for the battery status in real time. Moto Notifier, as the app appear on Android device, helps the rider in modifying the sorts of warnings that are required amid each ride. A straightforward snap can enable you to associate or separate the device once matched safely. He had not exchanged on the content reports on Notifier app as it could be a work in progress because of complex nature of the code.

You can check the complete working of the Smart Display through the video

You can contact Pritish Singh through the facebook page:

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