• Puranam Designs Retro Bobber

    Keeping in mind the vintage design and look, Puranam Designs from Visakhapatnam have designed a bobber. Old things are always gold believing in this fact and fascinated by old school design. They have built this Retro Bobber.
    Puranam Design Retro Bobber

    A simple retro design but involved all the changes to get this outlook. As they say "simple things are always difficult". They kept things as stock as possible, but to make things glamorous the wheels have to be unique. Keeping the retro in mind They have fitted the multispoke pattern with all chrome wheel with a white sidewall. Made it a single seater bobber with a pattern paint done only on the big 22 litre tear drop tank. Revisit the golden era with the pictures.

    If you are interested in such modification from Puranam Designs. Then you can contact them through their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PuranamDesigns


    Puranam Design Old School Vintage
    Puranam Design Karma
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