Lamborghini LB48H Hybrid Super Car Concept Showcased at Private Event

Lamborghini executives stated that they have no intentions to change the natural aspired V8 and V12 with Turbocharged V8 engine. But they have to meet the govt. emissions standards. Its solution may be to add the a hybrid system. And here is such example:

The reports from The Supercar blog, says that few people were invited  for the private event, where the limited edition Lamborghini LB48H. This event was held in Italy. This concept design is based on Terzo Millenio.

Lamborghini LB48H, will be soon entering in production and the deliveries will start later in 2019.

There will be only 63 units to be built and the price tag will be $2.5 million without taxes. It is expected that the car will be seen in upcoming events in Tokyo and New York.

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