• Modified Moto Guzzi V7 - Tractor 05 from Venier Custom Motorcycles

    Today we are bringing you the modified Scrambler bike straight from the New York. This is Tractor 05 from Venier Custom Motorcycles. The stock bike they used is Moto Guzzi V7 2015 model.

    The Tractor 05 is the first Moto Guzzi Scrambler they have made that features the new generation of hand made aluminum bodywork. The tank has been elongated and reshaped, and the tail section completely redone featuring a new hand made leather seat with a recessed LED tail light and new rear fender.

    The bike also features an  4”  headlight with custom brackets, black aluminum handlebar, GPS custom speedo with their logo, new grips, custom mufflers made for the bike from Mass Moto in Sicily.

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    Hand made aluminum sides and front fender complete the bodywork. Suspensions are from Ikon, always aluminum adjustable. Knobby tires are from Continental TKC 80 Vintage head covers replace the newer versions.

    The frame of the bike was not touched making this build a very special version of the V7 more than a custom, the goal is more re-design a motorcycle rather then work only on taking off and cut parts, which is sometimes easier to do than have a clear and complete idea on what you want to design and build. The build is a two seater, using the word comfortable maybe would be too much, but can easily bring somebody on the back.

    They told us that - "The soul of the Tractor series be more than flashy and “custom” is to be design oriented, trying to merge the past and the present. Soon we will start on builds that will try to merge the past and the future."

    As of now we have become their fans as they have made such a beautiful creation. If you also like this share this article.

    If you want to contact them you can message them at their facebook handle Venier Custom Motorcycles.

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