KTM RCX2 Race Kit By Autologue Design

KTM RC390 is without a doubt the primary authority lightweight race machine of India. The stock version of this racer is useful for incredible execution while altered RC390 challenges out of the fragment rivals like a supervisor. This regular RC390 with RCX2 race unit is the production of Autologue Design.

They have made this pack for riders who wish to separate most extreme execution on the track. Sagar Sheldekar has helped Autologue Design in forming of a machine that is aerodynamic to the point that each bend on the track feels like a regular turn. You can both purchase the full unit or go part by part for your requirements.

The front sash presently accompanies an air pocket visor, headlamp cover, and mirror-less wrap up. The expulsion of a front lamp and greater visor helps drop down the weight and add more space to tuck-in when riding straight. The dart on parts are anything but difficult to supplant and lightweight in contrast with the stock ones.

autologue design KTM RCX2 Price

Not only that, the side fairing has been redesigned, and a shorter midsection dish is utilized here for better corner cutting capacities. Riders likewise get a smooth, lightweight tail segment with legitimate track bicycle spec backrest. The subsequent animal is a no-benevolence track bicycle with bring down weight, better aerodynamics, and stock motor arrangement.

This kit will cost you around INR 20000. They can be easily fitted and can be removed whenever you want.


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