How to do Perfect Car Photography

Most people Really love their car. Its an investment and you should take pride in what you drive! A well maintained car will last you years if not decades and you can capture every moment on your camera. The difficult part is taking good pictures for you to show your friends or publish online. Use this guide to nail automotive photography and leave your followers begging for more!

Find the Perfect Lighting

All good photography begins with the lighting. You have to have your car in the right setting with the perfect lighting if you want to take a good photo. You can use a variety of settings. You can take photos outdoors, in a garage, or with a green screen. Most car owners will prefer to take photos of their cars outside. This is the easiest way.

If you elect to take photos outdoors, make sure it is not too sunny. A common mistake is to think that the best photos are taken on the sunniest days. Sunny days are beautiful, but can lead to overexposed pictures. You have to have a good camera and a manual shutter speed/ aperture to adjust for sunlight. If you cannot do that, then I recommend taking photos at dusk or during a slightly cloudy day like the beautiful photo pictured above.

Moving Photography

One very cool shot is to take one of your car while it is moving. This can be accomplished with a smartphone, but it is better if you have a DSLR camera and you can adjust the shutter speed. A slower shutter speed will blur the moving background more. Some phone cameras even allow you to adjust the shutter speed digitally so you can try that as well.

In order to pull off this shot, you need to have a friend drive your car. Get in the passenger side of another friends car and take the photos while you are driving side by side. Take a bunch of photos for you to review later because this is a shot you don’t want to miss.

Posting Photos Online

Now that you have a bunch of great photos, you should post them to your Instagram account! Instagram is a great platform for sharing your photos and it will allow your friends to see the results of your work. If you need a boost to your Instagram following, you should hire an Instagram Growth Service like Social Network Elite. They promote your account by finding people based on the hashtags you provide them and they engage with your target audience, helping bring you real organic followers every day!

Use the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are an important tool you can use to add engagement to your photos. They act as categorizations in Instagram. If someone searches for #carphotography and you use that hashtag for your photos, then It will always be there for other people to find. This is important because Instagram will archive your photo and it will permanently be in their database. I recommend choosing 30 relevant hashtags and posting them after you photo. If you need help choosing which hashtags are right for you, take a read through this Instagram Hashtags Cheat Sheet for great hashtags ideas!


Car photography is fun! You have to know what your doing and I hope this guide was helpful for you! Practice taking photos of your car in a variety of different settings and see which one works best! Make sure you are using the right hashtags so people can find your photos and give you the likes and comments you deserve!

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