Modified RE Thunderbird AVL Chopper by Pixain Customs Motorcycles

Today we are featuring another newbie bike modifier from India. He is Pinak Gothwal, Founder of Pixain Custom Motorcycles.

Modified RE Thunderbird AVL Chopper by Pixian Customs Motorcycles

What we are showing you is his recent work on on 2004 Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 AVL. He has build a beautiful chopper out of it.

Royal enfield thunderbird chopper

On the front he has used custom 19' wheel under the 120mm Tyre. WP Inverted front forks and white color fender. He used a round headlight and a custom handlebar.

Pixain Customs Motorcycles Bike

On side ways they have fitted a 21 ltr custom made fuel tank which is colored in white. On the side it has a Pixain Custom Motorcycles Logo. Engine is colored in black and remains stock. He has made a custom box for the wiring. Pinak used a after market exhaust attached to custom made pipe. Other side has number plate. Side boxes are colored in black with 7 written on it with white color. He used a custom made seat for this bike.

On the Rear you will see custom 15" wheel with 140mm tyre. He has used gas charged rear dual shock absorbers. Rear fender is larger than the front and is painted in White.

The duration of this particular build was 4 months.

If you like this bike want your to be same as this or another then they are accepting orders from most of the states in India. For this you can contact them through their facebook page:
Email -

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