Onyx Motorcycles Ebikes cum Motorcycles

In order to reprise the old Moped style with some power and style this San Francisco based Onyx Motorcycles has built two electric motorcycles.

Design is quiet clean and simple and the electric power drive train make them feasible for the future generation.

Onyx Motorcycles RCR Electric Bike

Onyx Motorcycle RCR which is also called Cafe Blaster, has a long seat and metal sheet body which houses the power.  The engine can produces the power of 7.2 Hp by which the top speed of 60 mph can be achieved and you can go to 50 - 75 miles on one strock.

Onyx Motorcycles City ebike

The other is City Bike which is low power ebike mode in which you can attain the top speed of 20mph. You can go to 20 - 40 miles with this.

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