• Amar Jawan - Bike dedicated to Indian Army is powered by Maruti Alto's engine

    Today we are featuring a custom bike which is powered by Maurti Alto 800 engine. The bike is build by Vaibhav Bajpai from Madhya Pradesh. Bike is tribute to Indian Army and is named as "Amar Jawan" which means immortal soldier will also be given to Indian Army as a present by him.

    Vaibhav was ispired by movie Kargil and is always wanted to make something for Indian Army. This bike shows how passionately he wants to support our army.

    amar jawan maruti 800 engine powered bike

    The bike features a face like headlamp and Camouflage green paint all over it. Rear tyre is also big. Amar Jawan has 8 gears - 4 forward and 4 reverse. Vaibhav also has installed bluetooth and GPS device on it.

    The weighs 450 kg and is 7 feet long.  In an interview Vaibhav said that the bike mileage is about 22-27 kmpl.

    The cost of this bike is around INR 2.8 lakh which makes it cheaper than BWM G310R.

    Source Rushlane
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