• Helmet with Air Purifier by Shellios is a Smart Future Tech

    In this pollution scenario think about a daily riding helmet which will purify the air for you to breathe. How cool is that a helmet with air purifier? An Indian Startup Shellios brings up this helmet for you at the price of Just INR 2500.

    Helmet has the air purifier at its back from where it picks up the air. Then the purifies the air and make it breathable for the biker. 

    This helmet operates on the battery of 2600 mAh. The battery can be charged with the help of MicroUSB port provided on Helmet. 
    Helmet can be paired with the mobile app through bluetooth which will keep track of the helmet when it needs to be clean. For cleaning the panels are easily removable. 

    Weight of the helmet is around 1.6 KG which is under the govt. norms. 

    The company will sell these helmets with the help of local venders from mid November this year. 

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