• Loco Hauk- Six Wheel Steam Driven Jeep Truck

    Jeep has already showcased its Gladiator at LA Motor Show this year. What made us more exciting is its renderings and custom sketches. But what if we tell you that Gladiator is not the only 6 wheel drive from Jeep. There is company called Hauk Designs in Pennsylvania which has made Wrangler based 6 wheels steam driven Loco Hauk.

    Loco Hauk is powered by 100 cubic inch V4 single acting,  Trunk piston, poppet valve uniflow steam motor combined with six speed NSG370 manual transmission. Engine can produce 130-140 hp power but the 2500 lb-ft torque. This can just go only 1.5 miles due to lack of water carrying capacity. As it can carry only 55 gallon water. 

    Surely this is not for driving purpose. And now the Hauk Designs are looking for the buyers for this vehicles. 
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