• Extra Headlights on Cars now Banned in Kerala from February 1, 2019

    From February 1, 2019 there is a ban on usage of aftermarket High Intensity Discharge lamps on vehicles in Kerala. The order comes from Motor Vehicle Department of Kerala in order to stop accidents occurring due to blindness cause by high intensity lights.

    Illegal car modification in India

    If a vehicle is found with such headlights he will first given a show cause notice after than if he still found using that HIDs then he will face strict action by the authority which might result in cancelation of vehicle registration or driver's licence.

    Major problem with such Headlights is that they are not properly set up and they cause blindness to the people coming from opposite lane. For check lux meters will be given to the officer for checking the intensity of light.

    Also vehicle with auxiliary lamps on bonnets will face same restrictions as they are meant to be used in offroading only. They can't be used on public roads and while commuting publicly they are supposed to be covered.

    Source Rushlane
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