• Honda Dio Modified into KTM Styled Wild Scooter

    We all modification can go from simple, subtle to wild and crazy. This time we are featuring a Honda Dio which has been converted into KTM inspired scooty. You can watch this video shared by Youtuber Bullet Singh Boisar.

    The owner had done this modification on the request of younger brother. The dio has been given complete makeover. Only the engine and the front remains stock and all other parts have been altered.

    Modification includes the new fron forks, new front tyre and disc brake assembly from Honda Avaitor, Yamaha FZ handle bar,  Custom made chassis, R15 seat, aftermarket exhaust.

    Whole body is painted in black matte finish and the custom chassis in orange color. It took 25 days to complete this modification and the cost of INR 35000. 
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