• Modification of Cars and Bikes in India Would Result in Loss of Registration- SC

    Supreme Court of India on Tuesday stated that the modification of bike or car will be illegal and the seeing such vehicle on road will loose the registration number. Court stated that any vehicle which is registered under the Section 52(1) of Motor Vehicle Act will comply to the original specification done by the manufacturer.

    Royal Enfield Classic Modified into Indian Chief
    The modification of exterior or engine of bike or car will be illegal and result in losing of registration of that vehicle. Court says that the manufacturer has done several testing of vehicle before taking it to the market and changing such will result in registration loss.

    The changing color of vehicle or changing minor fitments will be allowed as they does not result in change in structure. If you are changing old engine of a car with new then also you need permission from the authority.

    Court also stated that the retro fitting of CNG kit is permitted as it does not come under the structural change.
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