• Post Apocalyptic Hindustan Ambassador Concept

    We have seen many Hindustan Ambassador modification from exterior to interiors but we have never seen a post apocalyptic version of Ambassador. This rendering is posted anonymously on imgur. It is really a wildest version with of car.

    Post Apocalyptic Hindustan Ambassador
    Car is seen with wide body with front having wild ploughs, bull bar and led light strips. The front is design to withstand any kind of collapse. Tyres are low profile and also wide. To cover the wide tyres car has given wheel arches for the protection. You can also see the guns all over the vehicle. One machine gun is on the left front and two are on the roof top.

    Metallic grilles can be seen on each window and glass positions. Roof top also get LED bar.

    We know that this can't be true but it can be an idea for Mad Max to include this in its movie.

    Source - Imgur and cartoq
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