• Smartest Yamaha R15 with Fingerprint Scanner, Rear Camera, and Other Features

    Yamaha R15 is one of the bikes in India which have seen massive craze among the people. You can easily find Yamaha R15 on Indian roads. Last year Yamaha has launched R15 V3 in India with upgraded features. But not so upgraded that Its previous version has got by its owner this time. Meet World Smartest Bike ever. This is Yamaha Version 2.0 which got keyless ignition and security system. It also receive a touch screen display system which is mounted under the visor.

    Part 1

    The bike can be started from the mobile which is connected to the device or through finger print scanner attached on the bike. Once the fingerprint got access the mirrors will go from sleeping to active position as seen in video. The console get started. Bike also features navigation system, voice control, rear camera, call notifications and anti-theft alarm. Not only that it has got the sensors for the headlight to achieve high and low beam effectively. Another main feature is cruise control.

    Part 2

    The cost of modification is not revealed however the parts cost is around INR 20000 and all the modification is done by the rider only.

    This work is done by Kunal Custom Designs
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