• Top Motorcycles and Riders' Accessories Available Online

    For most of us Motorcycles are not just means of transportation these are more than a friend. So motorcycling becomes a passion for us. And keeping this passion intact we have shared some of the accessories which are easily accessible and will raise your passion to next level.

    1. Robotouch Rideon Charger - This a mobile charger which can charge your mobile while riding on your motorcycle. This charger comes within a box with clamps and a manual. It is also water resistant. You just have to attach it to the bikes handle through clamps. You have to attach the wires of the charger to the bikes battery. If you don't have any experience in this you can take help of local mechanic also. Best part of this charger is that it does not hamper the battery of bike. It will use power only when a device is plugged into it. You can use it to charge GPS device, Wifi dongles, Cameras and other biking Gear.  The price of Rideon Charger is INR 650/-. You simply buy it from amazon or flipkart.

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    2. Procus Rush 2.0 4K Action Camera - If you are about to start a Moto Video Blog(VLOG) then you need a perfect camera that can capture videos while the riding bike. Procus Rush 2.0 4k action camera comes with 23 more accessories. Camera supports many features to capture the moments of your riding. Camera comes with waterproof case so that you can also shoot videos while under water scuba diving also. It also comes with wireless wrist remote which be used to capture the videos and even photos with just click of button. The price of this camera is INR 7399. You can buy it from Amazon.

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    3. BT S2 1000M Bluetooth Headset Intercom: This headset is compatible with Phones bluetooth and can be used with any kind of helmets. This is one of the most affordable intercom out there. It supports bike to bike intercom upto 800 - 900 meters. It has 10 hrs talktime while connected phone and 6 hours while on intercom mode. You can make calls, reject call, hang calls while riding. It also has FM feature. You can buy it from Amazon and gearbest.

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    4. Rain Water Proof Shoe Cover: These shoes covers are one of the interesting thing which we came across net. Most useful during rains.  They can easily fit on the shoes. They have rubber soles so that you can walk easily on the slippery surface. They are easily available on Amazon. Price of these covers is INR 599.

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    5. RoadGods Ghost Backpack: This is an antitheft bagpack. It has separate compartments for your belongings. You can also put your laptops safe and secured. The bag is best suited for those also who are commuting through public transports. The price of this bagpack is INR 2299. You can buy it from Amazon and their official website also. 

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    We will be adding more accessories to the list later. For now you can comment below what kind of accessories you are looking for.

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