• ABC 500 - Magnificent Honda XL500 Boardtracker by A Bike Company

    Today we are featuring a Boardtracker - a modification in classic vintage style with modern touch done by "A Bike Company". This is ABC 500 based on Honda XL500.

    ABC 500 boardtracker

    Niki, the head designer of ABC used the Hossack styled forks, Honda XL 500 engine, fabrication of most parts is done by him but the CNC milling and laminating is handled by his friend.

    This bike has won not one but two trophies at Quail Gathering one is for Best custom/modified bike and other for "Design and Style" award.

    The Specification of bike is:


    Front and Rear - Vee Rubber 120-50R26

    ABC 500 boardtracker


    Wheels are modular constructed with an aluminium CNC machined Hub with unidirectional spokes threading into hub. Bolts through Rim captured the spokes.


    Front - Hossack arrangement.

    Rear - Swingarm made from chromoly tubular steel with investment cast 4130 dropouts and actuates the adjustable air shock that resides under the seat

    Head light

    Front - He used LED projector mounted to front fork on side behind the numberplate. 

    Rear  - LED light fitted below the seat

    ABC 500 boardtracker

    Fuel Tank

    He used split design constructed with glass fibre and brass fittings. 


    Carbon/kevlar fibre stressed seat is cantilevered off of the back of the main frame providing a lightly sprung ride and sits over and around the rear shock absorber. 


    15/46 to compensate for the larger 800mm OD tire and a 520 roller chain connects the Honda motor to a custom sprocket and spider mounted to the rear wheels hub.

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