• Punch Motorcycles E Bike could be a real Game Changer

    Belarus Based Punch Motorcycles have developed a next gen urban electric motorcycle. The bike has unique design, compact dimensions, high ground clearance, spoke wheels and is less weighted. Punch Motorcycles has plan to launch it in market in 2022. Targeted price will be less than 6800 euros.

    It is available in two power outputs 11kW having top speed of 105km/hr and 15kW with top speed of 120 km/hr. 
    Punch Motorcycles

    There are two battery packs in the bike through which you can easily charge one at the office/home and one can be used for riding. 

    Punch Motorcycles
    To be really environment friendly, the bike is silicone-free and uses a steel frame, aluminium body kit and is devoid of any unwanted add-ons.

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