• Essential Tips to Buy Car Insurance Online

    The offline experience is completely overshadowed by the online world. Whether it is daily essentials, clothing, medicines, food, etc.; many of us prefer the online medium in comparison to the offline medium. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, very few people prefer to use the offline mode for their needs.

    Many car owners are now preferring car insurance online, even when opting for new car insurance or renewal of existing car insurance. Choosing the right car insurance is extremely vital else you would end up paying more premium or choosing an insurance policy that does not provide adequate coverage.

    Here are important tips for buying car insurance online:

    1. Do thorough research

    Unlike the offline medium where you have to meet the insurance agent in order to seek more information, the online medium offers much more than required. While doing your research, you should search for different insurance companies and how they are performing in every aspect related to car insurance.

    You can even talk to your friends or colleagues who have purchased car insurance online from the insurance company of your choice. You should analyze the insurance coverage offered by the prospective policies shortlisted by you.

    1. Always opt for Package Car Insurance Policy

    Whether it is car insurance or two wheeler insurance, the package insurance policy covers the aspects related to third-party liabilities along with the damages that are caused to your vehicle.

    Package car insurance policy from Royal Sundaram General Insurance also protects the car against theft, accidental fire, as well as damages according to the plan opted by you.

    1. Comparison and Decision Making

    Many third-party websites provide visual comparison between car insurance policies offered by different insurance companies.

    This helps you in accelerating the decision making process since you save the time which would otherwise be spent on meeting agents from different insurance companies.

    1. Knowing the approximate premium through Car Insurance Calculator

    When you are searching for car insurance online, there is a high probability that you would come across a car insurance calculator. It is an excellent tool that helps in arriving at the estimated price covered in the insurance policy.

    For using the car insurance calculator, all you need is correct information about the vehicle owned by you, along with your personal details.

    1. Choosing the right deductibles

    There are two broad categories of deductibles as far as car insurance is concerned. The two types are Compulsory Deductibles and Voluntary Deductibles. The major difference between the two is the insurance premium paid under the option.

    The amount in Compulsory Deductibles depends on the cubic capacity of the car engine whereas the amount in Voluntary Deductibles solely depends on how much you intend to pay during the time of claim settlement. If you are looking for a low premium option, you should opt for Voluntary Deductibles since the repair cost is shared during the claim process.

    1. No Claim Bonus (NCB) and Insured Declared Value (IDV)

    These are the important parameters that you should be aware of when buying car insurance online. NCB is the bonus that the policyholder receives if no claims are made in a year. As a bonus, you earn a concession on the insurance premium paid by you.

    IDV is the maximum amount that you can claim under the car insurance policy. A new vehicle has a higher IDV in comparison to a used vehicle.

    When buying car insurance online, always look for information from various sources so that you can quickly arrive at the right decision.

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