• Do I Need A License to Drive A 50cc Scooter

    Driving License for 50 CC scooter

    One of the benefits of driving a 50cc scooter is the short duration of training required to learn driving. For instance, to drive a car, you need weeks of training and theory and practical test before you can be licensed. However, getting a driving license for the 50cc scooter is relatively easy as it doesn't take weeks of training to start driving one. But there has been quite a controversy on whether one would need a license and the type of license required to operate a 50cc scooter.

    The straight answer to the question is “yes.” You do need a license to drive a 50cc scooter. But the 50cc is a smaller scooter size, therefore, doesn't require specialized test and permission to ride, but you are still required to pass a specific test before driving.

    Read on to find out more about the tests required and the conditions you need to meet before getting the license to drive a 50cc scooter.

    What test is required to drive a 50cc scooter?

    To ride a 50cc scooter, you are required to pass the compulsory basic training. This training helps you gain road experience and transition to a full scooter quickly when you decide to get a bigger scooter. The comprehensive basic training (CBT) can be obtained using a learner driver's license, and the test is usually valid for two years.

    When the CBT does expire, you'll be required to pass the full scooter test or retake the CBT. So, if you are looking to get a 50cc scooter, you do not need to stress over getting licensed as no special license is required to drive a 50cc scooter, really. However, when you do feel like upgrading your ride, you'd be required to have a scooter license.

    If you already have a full scooter license, then you are good to go with the 50cc scooter. 

    Conditions for getting a 50cc scooter license

    The following are the necessary conditions that need to be met before acquiring a license to drive the 50cc scooter. You have to;

    • Pass the driving test, complete the compulsory basic training (CBT) course, complete the mandatory basic training (CBT) course, and then pass the driving test within two years. 
    • Be 16 years and above in age. This makes driving the 50cc scooter more flexible as young folks can get by with it without worrying about age limitations. The only downside to this is that they won't carry another person on the scooter with them.

    Certifying either of these conditions will allow you to ride your 50cc scooter without L plates. It may also enable you to boycott the necessary full scooter license test, except you want to upgrade your scooter.

    How does CBT training work?

    The CBT training takes up to 24 hours, depending on how quickly you can learn. The training is generally in two parts, the theory section and the practical section. You take the theory section first, and then take the practical aspects after the trainer is convinced that you've learned the theory.

    The training course is divided into five sections;

    • The introduction and eyesight check 
    • The on-site training 
    • The on-site riding 
    • The on-road training 
    • The on-road riding 

    The on-site training usually consists of 4 learners per trainer, while the on-road training takes a maximum of 2 learners per trainer. After completing every part of the course, somebody would issue you a certificate of completion (DL196) to use your 50cc scooter.

    How long does it take to get a 50cc scooter license? 

    The time frame for getting a scooter license depends on many factors. The chief among these factors is the age limit and your riding experience. A seasoned rider with a permit would have his license shortly after passing the road test, while an inexperienced rider would take a longer time.

    But while waiting for your full motorcycle license, you can drive around the 50cc scooter with your learner's permit at least and a CBT, which would cover you for two years.

    Is a license required to register the 50cc scooter?

    Technically, you do not require a license to register your 50cc scooter, but you need insurance coverage, and most insurance companies require that you have a license to get insured. This makes getting a license necessary and essential for registering your 50cc scooter. 

    This policy by insurers is even harder on minors as they have a more challenging time finding an insurance company that would sell them coverage. They often have to add the scooter onto an adult’s insurance policy to get coverage and get their 50cc scooter fully registered.

    What are the restrictions on drivers and owners of a 50cc scooter?

    50cc drivers below 18 are prohibited from carrying a passenger along with them as they ride. This is more of a precautionary measure to reduce road accidents than an actual prohibition. Also, 50cc scooter owners cannot modify their ride to increase its power or speed, i.e., they cannot pimp their ride. A default to this regulation may have your scooter withdrawn from you, or you may be liable to pay some fine as penalty.


    You don’t have to worry about acquiring a license before you can drive your 50cc scooter any longer because the pieces of information you need to get one are right at your fingertip. You only need to meet the age requirement, pass the necessary CBT; and voila, you are good to go from there. 

    Overall, the 50cc scooter doesn't require significant expertise to get the hang of like other motorcycles, so it’s effortless to pass the test, and nothing is stopping you from picking up a scooter. Like what is stopping from getting yourself oneself of those portable, study and a smooth scooter? Is it where to buy one? Well, even that should not be a barrier because you can always hover to Zecycles to get excellent deals on 50cc scooters after getting your license or even before you do.

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