Interview with Mr. Shail from Bombay Custom Works, Mumbai

Today in our interview series we have Shail from Bombay Custom Works. They have been actively building some of coolest bikes and accessories over the period of time. 

We have interviewed him and here is the questionnaire: 

1. Which is the first bike you purchased from your own money?

Answer. My first bike was 1996 Yamaha RX 135. 

2. When did you realised that you wanted to be a bike designer?

Answer: When I was in Delhi in 2012.

3. How many bikes you have build till now?

Answer: I have modified more than 80 bikes

4. Which is your dream bike?

Answer: Mostly a custom that we have not built yet.

5. What's your point of view on electric bikes?
Answer: To each to his own.

6. Who are other people who inspired you for your work?
Answer:I have been inspired by Luigi Colani

7. Whats your new project?
Answer:My own FZ Scrambler. 

There Projects

bombay custom works royal enfield
bombay custom works bikes
bombay custom works royal enfield modified

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