• Ford Broncho Riptide 4*4 Open Air Car

    Ford has now revealed it's new custom-built Bronco to show it's customers how they can use factory and dealer-installed options to personalize their own off-roader. Ford says that the new custom-built Ford Bronco Riptide is for “West Coast lifestyle.”

    ford broncho riptide

    The new Bronco Riptide is designed for spontaneous outdoor adventures as it comes with the roof off, doors removed . The doors are replaced with tubular doors. The surfboard rack and boards above, there is plenty of open air for the fun and sun to shine in.

    The designer of color and materials of Bronco Missy Coolsaet explains that the Bronco Riptide was designed for "a customer who enjoys the open air and a free-spirited West Coast lifestyle," .The Blue exterior is meant to evoke tropical ocean hues.The two Almond surfboards strapped on top, that project certainly calls to mind stereotypical Californian imagery. .

    The durable seats in Black Onyx and Dark Space Gray and rubberized washout flooring, the Bronco Riptide custom vehicle never shies away from a carefree day at the ocean shore.

    ford broncho riptide

    The Riptide also includes many factory- or dealer-installed accessories. The accessories include a Rigid LED light bar, mirror-mounted auxiliary off-road lights, and a Bestop mesh top. 

    The Ford Bronco comes with the optional EcoBoost 2.7-liter V-6, producing 330 horsepower and mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission. In this vehicle Customers also get an option that is they can order the Riptide parts from their dealership when buying a Bronco, Ford says.

    ford broncho riptide

    Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, there was a delay or else this costume designer vehicle would be launched earlier. This vehicle is clearly designed for their customers keeping in mind about their comfort and requirements. This vehicle is an example that costumes can also design their vehicles as per their needs and requirements, which would give them freedom to enjoy more and thus their vehicle is ready for adventure. 

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