• Kota Scale Model: 1:12 Scale Model of Custom Bikes

    The Japan based Kota Scale Model is pioneer in making exact replicas of motorcycles. These are actually 1:12 scale models of the bike. 

    Kota Scale Model BMW R100

    Building custom motorcycles usually means modifying and replacing production models, however, Japan's Kota scale models had a unique turn in this endeavour, buying 1:12 scale bike models carefully used by Tokyo - based artists. Builds a wide range of small custom motorcycles.

    Similar to true full-size custom motorcycle builders, Kota Brainstorms on these projects enliven their arbitrary creations using a combination of components removed from other kits, as well as 1:12 components. 

    Kota Scale Model 1:12 bike

    Excellent focus on Kota's models, including a functional suspension system and ultra-lifelike paint - boasts details such as burnt and blurred exhaust headers that take the model's originality to the next level. In fact, Kota's 1:12 scale builds are very precise and, under the right settings, can easily pass for true full - size custom motorcycles.

    1/12 scale motorcycles make them ideal for collecting. Part numbers are kept at a reasonable level without compromising on details, allowing beginner and experienced modelers to enjoy the manufacturing process. A wide variety of categories are available, from the most sophisticated racing bikes to road motorcycles.

    Kota Scale Model 1:12 bike

    These replicas of motorcycles are the best to complete the young boy's fascination with these beautifully designed small model bikes. This bike looks great in black color. Kids enjoy the world of bike racing in the safe courtyard of your home. The free rolling wheels allow him to accelerate, and the moving kickstand allows him to stay on the surface after playing for hours. From this the children can learn new things. Many replicas of motorcycles were made by him, some of them Honda CB750F, Ducati 888 and many more. It's really interesting to see such small versions of the bike.

    This article is contributed by Priyanka.

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