Lamborghini Urus Price In India, Launch Date, Specs and Features

As indicated by Autocar, we'll be seeing the first generation hybrid Lamborghini soon. According to reports that Lamborghini's research and development chief, Maurizio Reggiani, affirmed that the Urus SUV will be offered with a plug in Hybrid powertrain. This would likewise bodes well considering previous Lamborghini CEO Stephen Winkelmann's announcement that if the organization ever delivered Hybrid, Urus would be "the sensible place for it to launch."Aside from this, Reggiani uncovered nothing more about the gas-electric Urus.
Lamborghini Urus
Reggiani did, be that as it may, give some understanding to Autocar into Lamborghini's powertrain choices. He told the production that the Urus' as of now affirmed twin-turbo V8 was picked in light of a requirement for torque in a SUV. In light of this, it will enthusiasm to see what the organization does with the cross breed since a sufficiently major electric engine (or engines) could give a noteworthy measure of torque and, thusly, some great execution figures. Lamborghini has even demonstrated this potential in the Asterion idea, which delivered 910 torque from a 5.2-liter V10 and three electric engines. Obviously we'd anticipate that a Urus half breed will be a great deal less strong and presumably associated with a rendition of the turbocharged V8.
Lamborghini Urus
Source: Autocar

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