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    Bulleteer Customs was started in 2005 as a back yard project and has since developed into a small business driven by the passion for motorcycles especially India's most glorious one and an insatiable urge to make things better. Bangalore based firm has been doing great in customizing  motorcycles.

    They have a strong network of highly skilled professionals in terms of trading. They use every kind of technology from sketching to 3D Designing of the product for the testing in all conditions and make fit for usage.
    The company holds a traditional finish in every product of it. Chopper, vintage, cruiser, cafe racer or whatever you want to own, these guys can make it for you. They construct bikes in a unique way that suits the most modern machines of the era. Still, the company holds a traditional finish in every product of it.

    Bulleteer Customs Highlights

    Name Bulleteer Customs
    Location Bangalore
    Total Bikes Modified 50-60 Bikes
    Specialty Royal Enfield Modification
    Famous BikesRudra, Drona, Shadow
    Price Range Starts From Rs. 1 lakh

    Bikes By Bulleteer Customs Quick Links

    Bulleteer Customs Nautilus

    Bulleteer Customs Agira

    Bulleteer Customs El Huracan

    Bulleteer Customs Steroid 540

    Bulleteer Customs Brute

    Bulleteer Customs Chief Bratrod Series

    Bulleteer Customs Americana

    Bulleteer Customs Red Baron

    Bulleteer Customs Haider

    Bulleteer Customs Drona

    Bulleteer Customs Graphite

    Bulleteer Customs Reckless

    Bulleteer Customs Sukarno

    Bulleteer Customs Raptor 540

    Bulleteer Customs - Custom Bikes

    Bulleteer Customs NOK

    Built for a Nagaland based Customer, on Inceptor 650. It is a tribute to Angami Tribe. Sporting Vintage 4.5 x 18 tyres front and rear , a pair of racing clip on two piece handle bars . Cafe racer styled seat, leather embellished side shields , LED headlight and tail light, a blacked out engine and a split personality paint job depicting the Rising Sun on the left and an Aircraft grey on the right side.

    Bulleteer Customs NOK

    Bulleteer Customs El Huracan 

    It is a bobber. The front tyre is bigger in size and is capable of off roading. Round headlight with angel eyes. Handlebars get the indicator the end. Custom Aluminium Fuel tank with Name on it. Single Leather Seat. Rear tyre is smaller and is covered with the fender. Above rear fender there is a brake light. Number plate holder is on the sideways. 

    Bulleteer Customs Gaijin

    It is from Bulleteer's Street Rod Series. All Black Color. Dual Exhausts. Gas charged rear suspension. Custom seats fitted. Rider seat is lower than the Pillion seat. 

    Bulleteer Customs Gaijin

    Bulleteer Customs Firebird

    It is a fat Bobber colored in Yellow and Black Scheme. You can see the Dual exhaust and fat tyre at the back side. Single Custom seat is fixed. Number plate is on the other side of rear tyre. LED Strip is attached at the back side of the seat. 

    Bulleteer Customs Firebird

    Bulleteer Customs Destiny

    One can see the typical Bulleteer Customs Bike. Have similar kind of Peanut Fuel tank which was used earlier creations. Bike has black paint all over it. Black Leather seat for both rider and pillion. Front upside down spring forks. rear has gas charged shock absorbers. Number Plate holder is left side attached to the rear shock absorber. 

    Bullateer Customs Hidalgo

    Created by Bulleteer Customs. Cruiser motorcycle, Black Matte paint on complete body. Peanut type of fuel tank, Two seats, rider is lower for comfortable riding, pillion seat is stick to the rear fender, Front forks are up side down.

    Bulleteer Customs Hidalgo

    Bulleteer Customs Agira

    This is another creation of Bulleteer Customs under their Carbon Series. Low rider single seat, Customized Fuel tank with red glossy paint and "Agira" printed on it. Black Paint on all other parts. Disk brakes on both ends. Front fork is upside down. Rear suspension is gas charged. Handle bar gets indicator lights. 

    Bulleteer Customs Himalayan D 71 Fiddler

    This bike was Royal Enfield Himalayan commissioned by Royal Enfield to Bulleteer Customs. Designing is done by Royal Enfield and the project is built by Bulleteer Customs. Custom paint job, Custom fuel tank and side panels. Rear fender was removed. Front gets off road tyre and Rear got fat tyre. Spoke wheels are used. Single seat and a tail. Handle bars have hand guards on it. 

    Bulleteer Customs Himalayan D 71 Fiddler

    Bulleteer Customs Firebird 540

    Thunderbird 500 is used as stock bike. Low rider seat. Yellow and Black Color scheme. Disk Brakes on Both tyres. Fuel tank has Firebird 17 imprint on it. Side Panels has a open feather bird and Fire bird 540 written on it, 

    Bulleteer Customs Firebird 540

    Bulleteer Customs Sukarno

    This Royal Enfield is customised for Kannad Actor Rakshit Shetty in Sportster Mod. Custom Fuel tank with red color and black strips. Custom Exhaust used. Golden front forks. Indicators on Handlebars. 

    Bulleteer Customs Bronco

    • Chocolate colored painted
    • Cafe Racer styled Fuel tank with RE Logo
    • Gold finished Fork Sliders
    • Spoke Wheels
    • Brembo Calipers
    • LED Headlight
    • Gas charged rear springs
    • Twin Pod Instrument console

    Bulleteer Customs Spartan

    Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 is used. Modified in Bobber style. Fenders widen and fat tyres on both sides. Single boober style seat is fitted.

    Bulleteer Customs Khanda

    It is a cruiser styled custom bike. Black Matte color done on bike.
    Bulleteer Customs Khanda

    Bulleteer Customs Thundercat RE-

    They have modified thunderbird 500cc into a tasteful cafe racer. This bike has some glitches of bobber too with seat. Know more Thundercat RE

    Bulleteer Customs Sport Bobber Carbon SS-

    Eric.S Tosning is the first ever costumer of this newest creation of Bulleteer Customs.

    Bulleteer Customs sports bobber carbon ss
    He says" The design is exactly I  wanted it to be and I'm glad to be the owner of this finest creation ever".

    Bulleteer Customs Reckless

    It is a Scrambler based on Royal Enfield Classic 350. It has yellow LED Lights, short front fender, Customised exhuast, gas charged springs at rear, rear tyre got disc brake.

    Bulleteer Customs Reckless price

    Bulleteer Customs Achilles

    It is the latest and finest from their growing Scrambler collection. It is a beautifully designed immaculate model. It is a very capable machine just like its predecessors Ladhaki & Magnum. Hope you will enjoy your ride with this stunning bike.

    Bulleteer Customs achilles

    Bulleteer Customs Rudra

    According to the director of Bulleteer Customs Ricardo Pereira this model is inspired from the images of Shiva in a rage, this is one of his own personal favorites, with a 140 mm rear, 110 front tyre, blacked out everything else, gunmetal finish engine casing , power tuned AVL 360cc engine, racing handle bars, cluster projector Headlight, power exhaust and filter, digital meter and many more exciting features.
    Check Out - Bulleteer Customs Rudra Specification and Price

    Bulleteer Customs Rudra

    Bulleteer Customs Red Baron

    Red Baron by Bulleteer Customs, a modified off-the-line one-of-it’s kind of bobber. The bike name goes to the legendary German fighter pilot during first world War. This model is built on Royal Enfield 500cc with exciting features which makes the bike look beautiful.

    Bulleteer Customs Red Baron

    Bulleteer Customs Thundercat

    Thundercat is transformed from Royal Enfield Thunderbird. Speedo meter, Daymaker Headlights and190/120 rear front michelin combination make this machine cooler, faster and way better at making a statement than an average superbike!

    Bulleteer Customs Thundercat

    Bulleteer Customs Streetrod

    Streetrod is basically designed for indian environment.The Streetrod is an original Bulleteer Custom Design and has been in development for over 2 years now.
    The bike with fat rubber mounted on custom alloy rims, aggressive yet classy body work, Mirror finish heat paint jobs, dazzling electroplating and a stance that can make other custom bikes squeal.

    Bulleteer Customs Streetrod

    Bulleteer Customs IRACUS-

    IRACUS is one of their best vintage bobber yet. Inspired by the old American bobbers and a bit of British WWII styling this machine is one that makes you fall in love with the simple old school world again ! Check Iracus Price

    bulleteer customs iracus

    Bulleteer Customs BEUCEPHALUS

    It is from Scrambler collection. One of the classy creation for their budget costumers.

    Bulleteer Customs Pantera 

    It is a cruiser style bike and name is inspired from the animal panther as the bike holds the same looks of big Cat. Custom Headlamps  and xenon projector with blue lights are used for this bike.

    Beautiful LED tail lamp, Mirror finish black paint job, it was given twin exhaust. All the modification was done on Royal Enfield 500 Classic EFI.

    Bulleteer Customs Pantera

    Bulleteer Customs White Fang

    It is done on RE 350. Cruiser Styled Bike. Stretched wheelbase, Kicked out footpegs and Single Seat.

    Rear wheel got dual disc brake and front has single disc brake. Quality white paint job. Customised flat Handle bar.

    Bullleteer Customs White Fang

    Bulleteer Customs ShotGun 500

    It was a war theme motorcycle with military green paint job. Customised headlamps used. Black paint for all metallic parts. Both side fenders are removed to give strong and muscular looks.

    Bulleteer Customs Shotgun 500

    Bulleteer Customs Sportster 927

    It is a European Styled Bobber. Specification of customisation are:

    1. Custom chasis
    2. 190mm fat Rear tyre
    3. front forks have been upgraded to upside down suspension and the rake has been increased to 27 degree.
    4. Rear fork get adjustable monoshock suspension
    5. Digital Console
    6. Front and rear disc brake
    7. Customised single seat
    8. 540cc modified engine

    Bulleteer Customs Sportster 927

    Bulleteer Customs Black Jack 21

    American Chopper based on RE Thunderbird. High Handlebar and lower riding seat for comfort instance. It got new USD Forks. Spoke wheels are used painted in Red and white. Black Matte paint is used on the body. Rear tail lamp mounted on swing arms and front indicator is inside the body. Upgraded exhaust has been placed.

    Bulleteer Customs Black Jack 21

    Bulleteer Customs Katana 

    The design and name both are inspired by the Japanese Sword Katana. 
    • Custom Headlamp
    • Custom Fuel tank with edge design
    • 240mm rear tyre
    • Black Paint Job
    • Straight Handlebar
    • Upside down suspension on front

    Bulleteer Customs Katana Price

    Bulleteer Customs Blackout

    The bike is based on Royal Enfield. 

    Bulleteer Customs Black Out

    Bulleteer Customs Marvel

    It is Royal Enfield modified into Indian Scout Bobber.

    Bulleteer Customs Marvel

    Bulleteer Customs Graphite

    It is a thunderbird modification inspired by the loos of Harley Davidson Iron 883. It has dual exhaust, low rider seat, fuel tank, etc.
    Bulleteer Customs Graphite

    Bulleteer Customs Haider

    It is first vintage styled customization by them. It is a bobber with low rider seat.

    Bulleteer customs Haider

    Bulleteer Customs Brute

    It is scrambler based on Continental GT. It has 120mm front and 140mm on/off road tyres. Brushed steel paint done on tank and gun metal finish on Engine cases. 
    Bulleteer Customs Brute price

    Bulleteer Customs Steroid 540

    It is Royal Enfield 500 customised into Cafe Racer. It has a custom fuel tank. Engine has some tweaks so that it can perform well.
    bulleteer customs steroid 540

    Bulleteer Customs Contact Details 

    Call : +91-9972862139
    E-mail : bulleteercustom@gmail.com
    Facebook : facebook.com/bulleteer.customs
    Location- Bangalore India

    Written By - Aastha Tiwari 

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