Jawa Perak Modified Price in India, Example List

Jawa Perak is one of the best selling bobber under entry level bikes in Indian market. We have created the list of modification examples done on Jawa Perak.

1. Ape Cruiser style by Modbike Delhi

Modbike Delhi have came up with semi modified jawa Perak. They have used ape style handlebars to improve stance under cruiser style. Major attraction of this bike is tires. They have removed the stock tyres and give fat tires on both side of the bike. Leather brown seat is used. 

Bike is given matte black color. In the front instead of stock headlight an aftermarket round LED light is used. Suspension remain stock but the cover is removed. Yellow indicators are used. Aftermarket left mounted speedometer is used. Inverted style rearview mirrors are used in this bike.

On rear, the frame has been changed to keep the fat tire. Also tool box is modified into circular. Bobber style LED taillight and left mounted number plate is used.

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2 Jawa Perak Modified by EIMOR Customs

This Jawa Perak got custom paint job in glossy and matte black with copper gold graphics. Seat got tan color. In addition to this EIMOR Customs have added rack on the rear wheel.

3. Modified Jawak Perak by Verma Automotives

This Jawa Perak got detachable pillion seat. A loud and deeper noise exhaust. Foldable Number Plate. Indicators are under the seats. They also have fitted new LED lamp.

4. Twin seat for Jawa Perak by Motor Bike Customs

You can now buy twin seat for the bobber bike specially created for the Jawa Perak by Motor Bike Customs. Price of this seat is INR 7999. 

5. Sushil By EIMOR Customs 

This modified Jawa Perak is a tribute to  Martyr Lt. Shushil Khajuria. This bike feature gloss camo green color scheme. Tank and headlamp section features his life story. There are photos of him during comrade on fuel tank, News articles related to the unfortunate incident and location where incident took place. There is Symbol of OTA Chennai on headlamp. 

6. Digital Render by Fatboy Custom Motorcycles

This render features bigger tyres than the stock, extended rear frame with unique aftermarket seat with integrated backlight. 

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