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Vardenchi is a well known name in the field of Customized Bike Builder. The company is started by Akshai Varde in 2005 - 06. For the past 12 years Vardenchi is popular name in the customized bike market. Vardenchi is expertized in customizing Royal Enfield bikes. Each Vardenchi model represent work of art rather than a hunk of metal and wheel. Vardenchi provides end to end solutions in all the field of customization of bike like sheet metal fabrication, structural fabrication to in house painting and assembling the parts. They use every kind of technology from sketching to 3D Designing of the product for the testing in all conditions and Make fit for usage.
Vardenchi has good track records of great builds and deliveries. They do not sell bike rather than they just customize it. They accept only Post 2012 RE bikes (Classic,Electra,Thunderbird,DS,Std) You can send your bike to them via road transport or Railway for modification.

Vardenchi Motorcycles Highlights

Name Vardenchi
Location Pune
Owner Akshai Varde
No. of Kits Type 4 Types
Total Bikes Modified 14 Bikes
Specialty Royal Enfield Modification
Famous Bikes Dragster Black Hawk
Price Range Rs.77,063-5.49Lakhs

Recent News:

Vardenchi currently doing only Type 1 Customisation. For Price Click Here

Vardenchi Launched their Type 1 accessories kit in Bengalore. Read Full News

Custom Motorcycle Type Price List

Type 1

Type 1 includes 6 models namely Classic Carbon, Classic Rebel, Classic Vintage, Thunderbird Hot Rod, Thunderbird Rebel and Thunderbird Vintage. The Price range for the Type 1 starts from Rs. Rs.117200. People can book online for the customization package.

Vardenchi Type 1 Bikes Price

Type 1 BikesPrice
Camo Matt BlackRs. 117200
CarbonRs. 117200
Raw RustRs. 117200
Rebel ChromeRs. 128600
Rebel MattRs. 117200
Blue Rebel ChromeRs. 128600
Retro SportsRs. 153600

Classic Rebel

Type 2

Type 2 has only one model Classic Racer.  The Price Range Starts from Rs 2.12 Lakhs. People can book online or contact them for the customization.

Type 3

Type 3 has 4 models namely Phoenix, Black Hawk, Infinity and Slayer.  The packages for the Type 3 starts from Rs. 3.69 lakhs. 

Type 4 

Type 4 has 4 models namely Valoroso, Dragster, Joker Face and Orange Angel. The customization package starts from Rs. 5.49 lakhs.

Vardenchi Price Range

Type -1 Bike price  - Rs. 117200
Type - 2 Bike price - Rs. 2.2 Lakh
Type - 3 Bike Price - Rs. 3.6 Lakh
Type - 4 Bike Price - Rs. 5.94 Lakh

Vardenchi Past Bikes 

Titan Timeless


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Vardenchi Price Range

Riser Hanle Bar-Black-CL/EL/TB = 3940/-
Exhaust 1 –Black –CL/EL/TB = 8880/-
Front Number Plate-Black-CL/EL = 3530/- & TB = 3760/-
Indicator – Black (Front) = 2400/-
Triple Function Indicator-Black  = 3650/-
Rear Number Plate Fender-Black (RTL) = 6600/-
Side Mount Number Plate – BLACK (RTL) = 3540/-

Contact Details

Vardenchi Business Development
 +91 - 9819061455

Location: Pune, Maharashtra


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