Vardenchi Valoroso Specifications, Prices and Features

Vardenchi are well known name in the bike modifications. Vardenchi Bikes are unique and appealing in their own way.
Vardenchi Valoroso is one the best custom engineered bikes in India. Vardenchi used Royal Enfield 500 cc for the building Valoroso. The Valoroso will cost you Rs. 5.69 lakh. It has impressive detailing. It sits black matte looks adds uniques visual appeal to the people’s eye.

Valoroso has CNC cut custom design wheel. Wheels are manufactured with dual surface finish of Black satin and alloy for locomotion. They provide rider best control over the road. Valoroso has 300mm tyre on rear and 21 inch wheel in front. Read Vardenchi Dragster

Valoroso hs new gen triple funtion headlamp with neon angle eye and HID function. Flush tail lamp in the at the back with light guiding system.

Vardenchi Valoroso

It has laser cut logo over the carburettor.

Vardenchi's outline stays as vital as its energy. Each subtlety of the Valoroso is in congruity with the entire machine. Appropriate from the bar end markers to the custom fumes with warmth shields, each component fits together like the bits of a jigsaw perplex. What's more, as you sit on the uniquely sewed calfskin situate, you can't envision an all the more befitting royal position while you gaze at the open street.

Vardenchi Valoroso Price 

The price is INR 5.69 lacs. The donor Bullet 500 costs Rs 2 lakh, and the Vardenchi mod costs another Rs 3.69 lakh.
vardenchi Valoroso price

Vardenchi Valoroso Dimensions

Wheel base 1835 mm
Length 2530 mm
Width 870 mm
Height 1270 mm
Ground Clearance 160 mm
Seat Saddle Height 660 mm
Weight(Kerb): 215 kgs

Vardenchi Valoroso Features

18l tr teardrop shaped tank -To add the larger than life personality
Forward Foot Controls - For the added comfort on a long ride
Comfort Wide Set Handle Bar - To relax your ride position and to make you feel like a man
LED Indicators and LED Tail Brake Lamp - To add that cool quotient while enhancing the throw of light
Custom Hand Airbrushed Graphic Paint Jobs - To add the life to your beast
Chrome Loaded Accessories - To the add the zing to your custom chopper
Enhanced Exhaust Sound - To alert bystanders to get ready to turn and stare in awe

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