Bajaj Avenger Modified in India: Examples, Prices, Kit

Bajaj Avenger is an answer to cruiser bike enthusiasts who wants to enjoy budget bike within 180-200cc segment. Since its inception we have seen many crazy modifications done by owners to make their bike looks more attractive. 

In this article we are showing you Bajaj Avenger modification examples and also providing details regarding them so that if you want to modify your Bajaj avenger then through this article you know where you can get them modified according to your need.

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Bajaj Bruise Avenger Modification Kit

This kit is designed by Autologue design. It will transform the avenger into Harley Davidson 750 Street style look. Kit is priced around INR 9999 which you can order from their website. It will have Headlamp cover, Oil radiator cover and Tail Panel. It kit is for pre 2020 bike model with round headlight only. Check Here

Bajaj Avenger Cruze by 16Moto Performance

This is bajaj avenger 220 modified in a more of stylish cruiser. New tank, bigger rear wheel, modified fenders on both sides, single seat in brown leather cover and lifted handle bar. This bike by 16Moto performance stand out to be the on second spot in our list. Check Here

Bajaj Avenger Cruze by 16 Moto Performance 

Bajaj Avenger Softtail Bobber by Maratha Customs 

If you want some thing unique style modification for your Bajaj Avenger then Chariot by Maratha Customs is the answer. A complete handcrafted machine with ape hanger handle bar, short wide fuel tank, shotgun exhaust, spring seat, custom fenders and pale white color scheme. Check Here

Maratha Motorcycles Softtail Bobber modified bajaj avenger

Bajaj Avenger Modified by Radical Rat Rodz

Radical Rat Rodz have wrapped up the bike in matte black. There are chrome elements on the sideways and lifted handlebar gives new look. Headlight and indicators are covered in cage like mounting. Check Here

Bajaj Avenger Odin Reisende 3.0 by Prodigy Customs

This is 220cc avenger customised to have more muscular structure. Bengaluru based Prodigy Customs took 18 months to transform avenger into this beauty. Bike features muscular tank, single seat, 19 inch front wheel. Check Here

Bajaj Avenger into Harley Davidson

This bike is modified by Bittoo Bike Modification Delhi. In this they have customised it entirely. 4 exhaust system, wide tyres, engine casing, wide fenders makes this bike worth to watch. Check Out

Bajaj Avenger Samsara 

  • Bike is designed by VP Designs Pune
  • Bajaj Avenger is modified into bobber
  • Design is inspired from Buddha in enlightened state.
  • All the components are handmade
  • Bike is given dual blue color scheme in matte finish 

Bajaj Avenger Burman

  • Bike is modified by RH Customs. 
  • Bike is given bobber look. 
Bajaj Avenger Modified

Bajaj Avenger Modified by Jedi Customs

  • This bike has got separate pillion seat attached to rear fender.
  • Cage style covering over the headlight.
  • Glossy red color scheme with black strip and yellow strip on the border.
We will continue to add new modification examples whenever we see a new bajaj avenger modification. 
You can also check out the Bajaj Avenger Accessories.


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  3. I want to Modify foot gear and clutch of my Avenger 220cruise to hand gear due to knee problem