• Sahyadri Moto Mumbai - Custom Bikes, Accessories and Kits

    Mumbai based small startup Sahyadri Moto develop and offer accessories for motorcycles to improve long haul riding comfort and protection.

    This startup is the team of two man and together they are beginning to design, test and fabricate products for adventure touring across the sub-continent and more, along with direct association with Coriaz Motoadventure, Indonesia!

    Latest News: LMT Store - LET ME TOUR in Dahisar East, Mumbai is their first authorized retailer.

    Sahyadri Moto Dominar 400 Accessories Prices

    Product Price
    20mm Handle Bar Riser for Dominar 400 Rs. 830
    Coriaz Windshield for Dominar 400 Rs. 2,300
    Crash Guard for AS 200 and NS 200 Pulsar From Rs. 3780
    Crash Guard for Bajaj Dominar 400 From Rs. 3780-
    Crashguards for Duke 2017 390 Rs. 2,950
    Front Fender Number Plate Bracket for Dominar 400 Rs. 740
    Front Suspension Riser for Dominar 400 Rs. 1,510
    Saddle Stay for Dominar 400 Rs. 3200
    Top rack for Dominar 400 Rs. 2500
    Windshield for Duke 390 2017 Rs. 3,125

    Crash Guard for Mahindra Mojo

    They have created the crash guard for Mahindra Mojo after the researching of 2 years. The crashguard uses the frame sliders and spread the impact on major part of chasis which reduces the impact. 

    Triumph Daytona 675 Tourer Concept

    They have introduced world's first Triumph Daytona 675 Tourer concept. This monster now features Coriaz Type 2 Windshield, custom Crashguard with frame sliders, lowered pillion footrests and a complete luggage system with saddle stays and a 38L Hepco becker top case

    Sahyadri moto triumh daytona

    Honda Navi Gator

    They have modified a Honda Navi which will be used for 7000km journey.

    They have put a luggage system on the Navi which includes a 32L Hepco Becker top case along with space for loading 2x petrol cans on either side using saddle stays with extended supports.

    They have used crash Guard in the Front.

    For More details Check Out NaviGator

    Dominar Adventure Accessories

    They have introduced adventure touring kit for the recently launched Bajaj Dominar 400.

    List of accessories available on the Dominar 400 Adventure touring kit
    • Shad SH39 topbox with custom top rack and saddle stays.
    • Custom crash guard with frame sliders.
    • Windshield with custom bracket and integrated mobile mount.
    • Number plate relocation2x 18watt AUX LED lights.
    Sahyadri Moto - Bajaj Dominar

    Customization of 200 NS

    Sahyadri Moto developed the touring conversion of 200NS.

    Customization includes-
    • Handlebar conversion from clipons to straight Duke handlebar with hand guards.
    • Coocase reflex V50 top box with custom top rack and saddle stays.
    • Custom crash guard with frame sliders and underbelly protection 
    • Windshield with integrated headlight protector and fone mount.
    • Fork Extender 
    • 2x10W auto spot led light and 2x10W flood led light.

    Sahyadri Moto - Customization of 200 NS

    Adv black 220 conversion kit

    • Adv break, windshield, cashguard, ground clearance raiser.
    • Including handlebar conversion from clipon to straight bar.
    • 3 piece luggage system and 2 pairs of led lights.
    • Custom fone mount, Rynox fone holder and Bolt charger. 

    TNT300 conversion kit

    50 liters Coocase top box using a custom rear rack, Coriaz Windshield and 10W led spot lights.

    Pulsar 220 conversion kit

    This kit is amazing for Himalayan tourers.

    It includes-
    • Windshield 
    • Integrated crash guard 
    • Handlebar conversion 
    Sahyadri Moto Adv black 220 conversion kit

    KTM Duke twins

    Sahyadri Moto developed lugague rack for KTM Duke just for rupees 2700 including shipping charges.

    Luggage Boxes and LED lights

    • For emphasising your touring experience Sahyadri Moto gives you stock luggage boxes and led lights.
    • For luggage system you can choose from 35 litres to 50 liters from Coocase.
    • Led lights available in 2x10W and 2x18W configuration and will be supplied along with plugh and play wiring harness complete with switch and fusebox.
    Sahyadri Moto - Luggage Boxes and LED lights

    Benelli 600i

    They have installed Windshield coriaz type and lights

    Sahyadri Moto Contact Details 

    Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/sahyadrimoto/
    Number- 073037 54534
    Location- Thane Mumbai

    Written By - Aastha Tiwari 

    1. I need to customize the FZ25 for touring. I need windscreen, handle guards, handlebar risers. Please let me know if you can manufacture/make those for the Yamaha FZ25.

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    4. No matter how much you call, they never pick....looks like they are way too busy..

    5. They dont even receive calls. Whats the use of opening a shop lol...wen u cant answer customers call

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    7. Need crash guard and luggage rack for Karizma R ZMA..

    8. Will you please tell do you have crash bars or anything which protect ktm duke 250 body.

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    10. do u make crash guard for suzuki gixxer sf. i want same as u did it dor dominar 400

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    12. Do u have a handlebar conversion kit for pulsar 220?

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