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Panjloh Handmade Motorcycles is a custom based motorcycle firm found in Melbourne, Australia and now setting their feet in Bhatinda, India.

They specializes for the modification of Choppers, Bobbers, Cafe Racer and authentic paint jobs.
They do all of their customizations by hand.

Panjloh Handmade Motorcycles is formed by Tarun Sidhu and Aman Laungia, architects by profession and bike customizers by passion.

They are dedicated to create one of the finest kind of bike with their technicians and mechanics.
They create unique bespoke bikes and further-on emboss, engrave or etch the finest pieces of art on the skin of the bike.

They emphasize the artistic side of a bike more than the mechanical one which makes the sight of their modifications more beautiful.

From the finest art of rural areas of Udaipur and Jaipur to some of the exclusive paint job from the suburbs of Turkey and Italy, they used everything to made their modification looks unique and delighted.

Their bike was highly-appreciated by cricketer Mahender Singh Dhoni and leading hotel chain owner Vikram Oberoi at a bike show held at Noida in October 2014

The time of their modifications may varies from 6-8 months between 1- 9 lakhs, regardless of how simple and elegant it looks.

Modifications by Panjloh Handmade Motorcycles 


BULT is modified out of 1995 Royal Enfield 500cc into a partial bobber.
This build is a pure metal crafted into a perfect machine.
According to Tarun Sidhu "  The bike is very concise in anthropometry and the rider feels like holding horns of such a powerful masculine bull that obeys well."

Customizations includes -

● Hawk-handle curved in a drop down manner for easy handle-ability.
● Downsized tank by 2 liters amplifying the roundness.
● Handmade the headlight, hand stitched the seat and chopped the fenders.
● Painted Roman design.

Panjloh Hand Made Motorcycles BULT


Tarun Sidhu said this custom world war two bobber has some unique firsts in any custom motorcycle built in India or the sub-continent.
As the theam of this bobber is based on world war two, the airbrushing of the bike was done by hand having various war memories.
Furthermore, they wanted the custom world war two bobber to be as war exposed as they could.

Customization includes -

● Solidified tough metal and heavy machine geometry.
● Inverted levers solid cast.
● Copper handle grips.
● Custom made front and rear lights.

Panjloh Hand Made Motorcycles Bombard


This sport bike is modified out of Yamaha r15 v2.

Customization includes -

● Light stock tank with a super solid steel tank weighing more than 10kgs.
● The fat tyre at rear, sturdy geometry with monstrous look.
● Striking beach palm yellow colour with classy pattern in baroque styles.
● Navigator-compass gas tank cap hand made in brass by fine laurel blacksmiths from England.

Panjloh HandMade Motorcycles Contact Details 

Mobile: 9915120226

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