Bulleteer Customs Raptor 540 - Modified RE Classic 500

Bulleteer Customs worked extremely hard on this one and the value can be seen from each edge of the Raptor 540. Truly, this is the thing that the modifier calls the machine that was basically a Royal Enfield Classic 500 by stock. It falls in the road pole arrangement of Bulleteer Customs. The stunning idea driving its influencing feels to appropriate from the main look as none other around its classification wears such etched body parts and additional fat arrangement of tires.

Bulleteer Customs Raptor 540

The 2014 Royal Enfield Classic 500 has been tore deeply. This one is their 27th bike from a similar arrangement and utilizations a custom made swinarm alongside a half cleaved outline for the settlement of 240 segment Pirelli Night Dragon raise wheel. The front suspension is again custom, supporting a 120 area Pirelli tire for ideal hold levels. The single seater even conveys a custom mono-stun for the back suspension.
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The cutting edge fuel tank configuration is really the best accessible in its arrangement. Front fog light is supplanted with HD Daymaker LED projector while taillight and pointers are even supplanted with LED units. The motorcycle cautions its rider with speed alert that is incorporated with the advanced instrument support. Aside from the visual contrasts, the motorcycle conveys a revised motor that conveys additional strength to the Raptor 540.

If you want this bike then you can contact Bulleteer Customs through their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bulleteer.customs

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