Bulleteer Customs Drona modified Royal Enfield - Price

Drona was conceived when a contributor Royal Enfield bike yielded its stock parts and acknowledged this up and coming excitement with full tolerance. It took parcel in excess of couple of hundred worker hours to fabricate a machine that is as amazing in looks as it is on the execution front. Being a Royal Enfield, couple of things like it's energizing bang and gigantic position would remain the same all through its lifetime.

Bulleteer Customs drona

Bulleteer Customs initially expelled every single part from the motor casing combo and began amassing things in a staged way. Beginning from the elastic components, they swapped the spoke wheels with this noteworthy combination wheel plan and utilized double reason tires that are thicker than the stock units.

Colossal bumpers offered path to these little ones, easing the body from couple of additional kilograms of metal for this astounding assembled. Stock fumes even weighs excessively and in this manner, Drona accompanies a shading facilitated all dark fumes with one additional faux outlet. The end tips are done in chrome on both the channels.

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This single seat brings the Iron 883 feel invigorated from Drona's body. The motor segment is painted dark while Golden complete in discovered ideal on fuel tank and both the bumpers. With regards to this fuel tank, it appears to be very roused from 883's shelled nut tank and looks consummate on this altered Royal Enfield bike.

Bulleteer Customs proceeded by supplanting the tremendous front sash with littler round fog light that conveys twin projectors. Suspension covers even clear a path for the dark completed traditional forks with elastic covers on them. The minimum instructive RE comfort clears a path for a secondary selling single case unit.