Jaguar C Xonca Supercar Concept

Made by planners Minol Patrice and Maxence Texier on Behance, the vehicle being referred to is named the C-Xonca and looks totally mind blowing from each edge, receiving a much sleeker outline than the F-Type and consolidating various modern plan components.
Jaguar C Xonca
At the point when seen from the front, the C-Xonca does exclude any sort of grille and rather manages with a substantial single air admission at the base of the guard. It then joins a couple of thin LED headlights and a front clamshell that incorporates an arrangement of perfectly etched front wheel curves and quarter boards.

The entryways of the C-Xonca additionally go up against an especially interesting plan and seem to open like gullwing entryways however extend from close to the front wheels the distance to over the back wheels. They then consistently stream into the rooftop and down to the taillights.

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