Royal Enfield Himalayan Modified by Grid7 Customs

Royal Enfield bikes have the most noteworthy degree for change as they are the best planning phases accessible in India right now. This run of the mill Himalayan is here to awe everybody with its great looks and host of extra changes. GRID7 Customs, a Kerala based modifier has assembled the Himalayan on a similar stage, including couple of bits like a custom fumes, Green body shade, changing seats and front light of the cruiser to help it accomplish the restrictiveness without hardly lifting a finger. They for the most part focus on fumes frameworks however need other sort of modifications keeping in mind the end goal to make the ride look really outlandish. This one was worked for better execution as well.
Royal Enfield Himalayan modified by Grid7 Customs
They initially expelled the additional curved guard that was set under the front lamp. The tank barbecue, instrument comfort and even the front fog light was expelled for the custom setup. In the wake of modifying new cinches and fittings, the bike got a tire makeover. The front 21 inch was supplanted with 18 inch edge with 110/80 segment elastic. The new edge at the back now underpins 140/70-17 tire for better looks and footing.
grid7 customs modified Himalayan Royal Enfield
In the wake of expelling the tail piece, the number plate was joined to one side segment of swingarm. The bike was completely repainted into Matt Forest Green and the stock fumes was supplanted with under seat unit with double outlets. Everything that was in need was remounted on the bike and it looks nothing not exactly the costly Duacti Scramblers that are sold at a cost tag of INR 8-9 lakh.

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