Rajputana Customs Loco Price, Specifications and Features

Rajputana customs launched LOCO in 2011 with its price tag 75k to 1. 5 lakh, for the custom charge. The The beautiful features of LOCO are thin solo seat, new exhaust, new bars, Mirrors and many more. We yet don't have the detail and specification of the  customs and stuffs, but soon we will update. 
Rajputana Customs Loco
Vijay Singh, the man behind the Rajputana Customs started a small company back in the year 2010. Rajputana customs is basically a small motorcycle outfit based in jaipur which builds customs motorcycle on an order basis. In just three years of their existence  Rajputana customs has 16 customs motorcycle and one of them name is LOCO.  
There isn't a lot of information available about this bike. So i'll go through what i can confidently see with my own eyes..  It's late 90's early - OO's "AVL" carby model with front disk brake, stock tank, and it looks like a stock frame.

Features of Rajputana Customs LOCO 

  1. Chopped front and rear fenders 
  2. New rear suspension 
  3. Thin solo seat
  4. Chunky old school types
  5. New exhaust 
  6. New bars,mirror, and headlamp assembly 
  7. Indicators, tail lamp, and number plate mount 
  8. Paint (duh)
Rajputana Customs Loco Handle Bar

Cost of Rajputana Customs LOCO 

This is first budgeted custom which can cost anywhere ₹75,000 to ₹1.5 lakhs. Where the default look will be 75k to 90k,  if you don't want some add on looks on those customs. Donor bike must be provided by the customers. No wonder, the price is worth the classic beauty they built. 
LOCO will be available as per your order now on. Buy a Rajputana customs now. It is a real customised bike with the brand name. Since rajputana already had gained their own place in Indian customs. 
Rajputana Customs Loco Front

Rajputana Customs Contact

Mobile  +919928164795
E-mail   rajputanacustoms@gmail.com
Address kalyan kunj, 17 civil lines, jaipur, rajasthan.,India. 
Rajputana customs LOCO all persons are buy because of their interest,  status all want rides of this beautiful looking bike! 

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