Hero RNT Price in India, Launch Date, Specs, Mileage, Images

Hero RNT diesel is a concept motorcycle that is powered by a turbocharged, direct injected diesel engine. Hero MotoCorp Limited is a world renowned Indian motorcycle and scooter manufacturing company with its headquarters in New Delhi, India. Read Hero Hastur
Hero RNT

Estimated Price 

₹ 80,000


The displacement of this motorcycle is 150cc.  The maximum power of this motorcycle is 13.5 BHP @ 4000 ram.  The Maximum Torque is 35 NM @ 1600 ram.  There is only one no. of cylinder. There are six no. of gears. The Fuel tank capacity is 6 Litres. The top speed of this motorcycle is 70kmph.. This is a type of scooter. The Front Brake isHydraulic, multi-piston caliper, 300 mm rotor and the Rear Brake is Hydraulic, single-piston caliper, 220 mm rotor. It has alloy wheels. There is a digital speedometer. There is a electric start. Hero RnT has got a 150cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, direct-injection diesel engine.  It has a kerb weight of 136kgs and a fuel tank capacity of 6.0liters. This vehicle is powered with diesel and is almost a multipurpose vehicle.Other features include a detachable LED headlight. It is interesting to see that the engine on this vehicle can be used as a generator to power external devices. It is also expected to get the i3S technology that made its debut with the Splendor iSmart.

Special Features:

-The diesel engine can be used as a generator also.
-Detachable headlamps can be used as a torch.
-Extendable frame for attachments.
-Enhanced load carrying capacity.
-Provision for attaching ploughs and harvesters.

White color is available for this scooter. Hero RNT is performance oriented too, it can reach 0 to 60 seconds.There is a 2WD via optional electric front hub motor fitted in this scooter gives you 1KW power to the wheels on ride This is controllable based on your needs by the secondary throttle. This system works either independently or in conjunction with standard chain drive feature to assure great performance. There is another hot feature which is the integrated stationary generator mode. This will provide you 1500W of continuous electrical power or 6.5A @ 230V. There is also swell fitted multi use folding front, rear and side racks. The Hero RNT equipped with very large, spacious and comfortable seats and foot boards. The suspension and braking fitted for safety is excellent.

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