Renault Twingo Price in India, Launch Date, Mileage, Reviews, Specifications

The Launched first in 1993, Renault Twingo is a city car and is available in three door and five door versions. Since its launch, the Twingo city car has been liked world over for its compact yet spacious nature. Though the earlier generations could not attract much attention following its mundane styling and cabin quality but the recent makeover and launch in Europe seems to have clicked it for Renault.
Twingo Renault car’s latest generation is heavily inspired by Renault DeZir concept and starting from the front to the tail, one can see the same styling to continue. The front newly designed grille now houses the diamond shaped Renault logo. There are lots of visible changes here and there on the car. In Europe, the small wonder rivals include Skoda Citigo, VW Up and SEAT Mii. In India, the Renault’s baby machine will have many rivals to fight with in the premium hatchback segment that includes Skoda Fabia, Volkswagen Polo and others. Read Renault Kaptur

Renault Twingo Price

Renault Twingo will expected costs you ₹ 4,00,000.

Renault Twingo Mileage and Fuel Efficiency

Renault Twingo being  a small car. Twingo has more scope of delivering higher fuel . The European version delivers a mileage of 55 mpg which is 19.1 kmpl. In India a hatchback car delivering 19.1 kmpl is considered to be returning a decent mileage. The emissions are also low and the Renault Twingo emits only 119 g of CO2 per kilometer. The Twingo diesel version which is expected to be the hit model is expected to return a 23kmpl or mileage as it will be using the 1.5 dCi engine developed by Renault.

Renault Twingo Models and Features

The European models Renault Twingo dynamic Expression and Renault Sport could make it to India but nothing can be said prior to the launch and so a separation can be made with respect to petrol and diesel models.
1.Renault Twingo Petrol: This will be the petrol model of the small car by Renault.
2.It is expected to be powered by a 1.2L (1149cc) four cylinder petrol engine that will have a maximum Power of 60 Bhp and a maximum torque of 93 Nm.
3.As Twingo will be a premium hatch, a lot of features are expected including air bags, a more powerful petrol 75 bhp variant besides, infotainment device inside, Anti-lock Braking system, Electronic Brake Force distribution etc.
4.Renault Twingo Diesel: This will be the diesel variant and is expected to be powered by a 1.5 L dCi engine that is developed by Renault.
5. The diesel engine will output 86 hp with 200 Nm torque
6.This diesel engine delivers 23 kmpl mileage in Renault Pulse and is expected to deliver the same in Renault Twingo as well.

Renault Twingo Engine, Power and Performance

The new car-Renault Twingo is expected to be launched in India in petrol and diesel engine options. Where the petrol models will be powered by a 1.2 L 60 bhp Multi-point injection engine, the diesel models will have 86 hp power 1.5 L dCi common rail diesel technology based engine. Both the petrol and diesel engines are powerful enough.
 Twingo performance can be major in terms of its power output. A 60 bhp is decent enough power for a car that weighs around 1000 kgs. The engine will be formal to a five speed manual gearbox and it is expected that the gearbox will be translating the power from the engine to the wheels in totality.
A 60 bhp petrol engine with 93 Nm of torque will be sufficient enough for the car to be driven in the city and it is expected to perform reasonably well on the highways as well. And due to its small size, it will be best for the city drive.

Renault Twingo Acceleration

The Renault small car’s petrol 60 bhp motor is expected to have a decent pick up due to its torque rich engine. The petrol Twingo will accelerate to 100 kmph from stationary in just 12.3 seconds while the diesel Twingo acceleration will be 11.2 seconds which is better than the petrol one. Whereas the 75 bhp petrol will be accelerating to 100 kmph mark in a little less than 11.2 seconds. The top speed of Renault Twingo petrol car will be 169 kmph while that of the bulky diesel powered yet powerful car will be 189 kmph.

Renault Twingo Interiors and Features

1.The seats too have new patterns and the edges of which have different colors.
2. The door inserts as well as the air vents also have a touch of color.
3. The interior quality has been significantly enhanced and now it has an up market feel.
4. Twingo interiors offer much space for seating and storage as well. The rear seats are 50-50 split offering much space at the rear.
5. With an overall height of 1.4 m, the Renault car has enough of headroom for the front passengers and the passengers at the rear.
6. With the rear seats folded, the Twingo draws 959 dm3 of space at the rear. Besides this there are a lot of spaces for storage making every trip a fun.
7.The interiors also have audio system that is integrated with Bluetooth and USB connectivity ensuring that your favorite numbers keep shuffling even inside the car.
8.The music system also has iPad and iPod facility.
9.The Twingo with a length of 3.6 m and 1.6 meter width offers sufficient legroom and shoulder space for the occupants.

Renault Twingo Exterior and Features

1. This car now has a new front, with improved and diamond shaped Renault logo now sits on the specially designed new grille.
2.The new Twingo gets new headlamps and fog lamps and a newly designed front bumper.
3.Two new colors have been added to the current color range.
4.The rear has also received a treatment with new tail lights. The same aerodynamic nature continues from the sides to the rear.
5.The rear bumper is round in shaped compared to the earlier generation and the lines are softer at the rear.
6.At just 3.6 m length and a width of 1.6 m the car qualifies for the tax exemption as well as will fit to be a city car.
7. At a reasonably height of 1470 mm the car will have a ground clearance of 120 mm which is quite considered to be ok for Indian roads.
8.The European version of Renault Twingo also has a variety of accessories available and by opting any of these one can easily transform, the small car into a sporty machine.
9.From roof decals, to sunroof to radical graphics, all are there to make the Twingo truly yours.

Renault Twingo Accessories

Renault Twingo  lot of  accessories will be available to make the compact car truly yours.From engine options to sunroof and roof decal everything will be available for this car. Renault sport mats, multimedia options, spoiler, wheels, rail carriers are some of the accessories available that can be added to the Twingo car.

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