Honda Brio Accessories and Spare Parts Price List

Check out the Accessories and Spare Parts Available for Honda Brio at all Honda Dealerships across the country.

Car accessories are of different types and are classified as
  1. Car Care Products
  2. Infotainment Products
  3. Exterior Products
  4. Interior Products
  5. Safety and Security Products
Some of the popular accessories which are always in demand
  • Car Air Filter
  • Oil Filter 
  • Fuel Filter
  • Brake Disc Pad
List of all  Honda Brio accessories with their corresponding prices. Also Note that these price may vary in various places. Read Honda Amaze Accessories

Accessories Prices
Alloy Wheel - Each Rs. 7250
Bumper Corner Protectors Rs. 1600
Car Cover Rs. 1250
CD Tuner Rs. 18000
Chrome Door Protector Rs. 1450
Chrome exhaust pipe finisher Rs. 1000
Door Handle Protector Rs. 1800
Door visor Rs. 3500
Exhaust Finisher Rs. 1000
Fog Light Rs.11800
Foot Light Rs. 4500
Illumi Side Step Garnish Rs. 7500
Interior Panel Rs. 5000
Rear Cargo Protector Rs. 5500
Rear Panel Lining Rs. 500
Rear Shelf Rs. 1100
Rubber Mat Rs. 1600
Seat Cover - Fabric Rs. 5000
Seat Cover - PU Rs. 7500
Side Protector Rs. 2800
Side Step Garnish Rs. 1400
Side step illuminated garnish Rs. 7500
Speakers Front Rs. 2400
Tail gate spoiler Rs. 6800
Tailgate Spoiler Rs. 6800
Wood finished interior pannel Rs. 5000
Chrome Protector Rear Rs. 999
Corner Protector Front Rs. 1600
Floor Carpet Mat - Beige Grey Rs. 990
Floor Mats Beige Or Black Rs. 990
Head Lamps Rs. 1700

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